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Published April 25, 2012 in Lessons , Motivation - 2 Comments
Affiliate Marketing Is A Marathon

I wrote the motivation post below as an answer to a question in an Internet Marketing  forum…but thought about it and realized, I should have written here…since I wrote it, I copied it and pasted it here for your perusal. Enjoy…


There is a certain kind of “knowing” that only comes from doing and I think that is why a lot of Internet Marketers /  Affiliate Marketers fail. They come up with an infinite number of reasons why they can't really start (implement what they have learned) or why they can't continue…. or that something is missing…..etc. etc. etc… there are an infinite number of excuses.

Anyone successful at anything will tell you (if they are honest, and I'd say, after knowing many multi-millionaires as friends) they really are honest and they'd say they failed their way to the top. Odds are, you are going to fail in your first attempts at anything, probably more than just your first attempts…but if you quit then, you throw away the bedrock of your success and you start over on another bedrock, never building anything except a base of knowledge.

It's hard, I give you that. I'm speaking from experience here. I think it's even harder if you've been successful at other endeavors in your life…things you are naturally good at…because success comes quicker when you do things you really enjoy for the sake of doing them, failures evaporate with the very next attempt with things you enjoy.

However,  if you don't enjoy something and you still want to be good at it;  Well, first you need to ask yourself why you want it? (and be honest) and if you have a good reason (and I'm sure there are plenty) you need to come to terms with the fact that you will need an iron will to get past all the failures as they will be amplified by your non-enjoyment of the task and so you will practice (experiment) less and so success will come slower.

I think this really comes into play with selecting a niche or base identity that you truly enjoy discussing.  Don't get me wrong, I'm just speaking of the start, until you are making enough income to hire writers.

Because there will be failure, if you enjoy the subject, all is not lost, you helped your fellow man in some small way and since you aren't quitting, you learn and apply.  You may not even apply what you learned for a while, but like falling off a bike, somewhere in your brain, the lesson was learned and when you see the same situation, you will “just know” what to do.

So for all you sitting on the sideline, waiting to get started, or stopped and waiting to get started again, thinking of quitting,  take a second look and think about other things you've succeeded at in life….did you fail on the way? Probably. Even virtuosos fail.

Here's a little story to illustrate this principle.

I graduated from college with a degree in microbiology, got a job in a small start-up in San Diego.  The owner, a Ph.D. Biochemist had just left a company he started (huge biotech company now) and was branching out in a new direction (instead of making reagent kits, he wanted to make devices). So we were chugging a long working on the Human Genome project (mapping the human genome) and I was always finished with what I was tasked to do ahead of time, so I asked if he had anything challenging he had been wanting to do. His eyes lit up and he showed me a DNA purification machine he was designing, but put in the closet because he couldn't get it to work…

We used to sit around at lunch at the whiteboard while eating our deli sandwiches, offering up theories on how to get this thing to work and the Dr. and some of my colleagues would literally examine a theory or idea and toss it within seconds if it didn't seem promising.  I was taking notes….

So every day, I tried some of these ideas and tried some of my own…. well one day… a few months later… BOOM! I got it to work… now it is a patented product used all over the world.

Can you imagine if we just tossed out the ideas before even trying them? I mean if trying an idea costs a lot of money (relative to your income) then of course, you have to be selective, but in this case, it was just time, time I wasn't doing anything else with anyway.

The same is true with Internet Marketing / Affiliate Marketing or really any worthwhile endeavor in life… mostly it's just time…some money…but honestly… if you ask guys who have made it big…they would tell you that the tools only make it easier, they are NOT even a requirement. The tools and gizmos here are just to make it easier, you don't even need them. The information in the course is what you need.

Sadly, most people in an effort to avoid doing any real work, will focus on the gizmos and tools instead of actually, sitting down and writing content that will help your fellow man.

Ok, I've got a little endorphin high this morning, just got back from a run…. hence the motivational dissertation.

Let me know what you think, maybe you'll say it in a way that makes more sense to someone else reading this… after all, the goal isn't to win an argument, it's to find a better way.