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Google Accounts & Related Issues

Published April 27, 2017 in Lessons - 0 Comments

New to affiliate marketing or marketing online in general?

Just finished your first webinar with an ultra-guru who gave you all sorts of great advice?

Gonna open Google accounts for each and every website you build?

Let me help you right out of the gate:


(Arrgghh, Follow me rules, er suffer yer fate.)


…and add branding for your new ventures as they come up.

There is nothing worse than getting into this business, trying what this guy says and then what that guy says and over time you end up having so many accounts in so many places you can't keep track of them not to mention possibly violating one of Google's account rules.

I know, I know, every hacker, black hat affiliate, grey hat affiliate or marginal marketer on the planet is going to comment that you NEED to have separate accounts to keep your business private. I'm not going have that argument. Everyone makes their own decision. I'm just saying that if you can look at the big picture, examine WHY you are doing what your doing, and WHY Google is doing what their doing, you will appreciate the process.

If you're in it for a quick buck, you will probably just get that, a quick buck and they you'll be out. Why not make some long term contribution to society and produce something of value, so you don't have to HIDE from Google??

The same thing goes for YouTube and many other Google owned properties. Just sign up for one account and use their branding capabilities to start new marketing adventures.

Google is NOT the enemy, they are just doing business just like you. They get paid (by advertisers) because they deliver the best search results on the web and the reason they deliver the best search results on the web is because they don't allow spammy type of stuff. Or they at least are always working on ridding the web of these results.

If you're site is spammy, well then you should feel like Google is your enemy, because they are. But if your site(s) are relevant to your search terms, and have good information that people who (like you) are trying to learn something (buying is a learning process too), then Google is your friend and they are going to want to put your site right up front for their customers (advertisers), customers.

Anyway, the point is follow their rules, produce good content and don't complicate your life with needless accounts.

Just my thought for the morning.

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